Our Mission

Our mission at Above and Beyond X Factor LLC. are to help speakers, leaders, presenters of all kind connect with their audiences to inspire them to action.

Jenks has spoken here in the United States and Internationally helping people, whether in large crowds, or one-on-one, make huge impacts on their audiences by teaching them key strategic tools on how to connect with their audiences to inspire them to action.  


He received his training with the best speaker instructors of our generation such as Les Brown. John Maxwell, Craig Valentine, Patricia Fripp, Lisa Nichols, and Jack Canfield.  He has been speaking for 19 years and have helped numerous individuals from professionals to beginners connect on a more personal level with their audiences.  He is the Founder of a start-up speaking company, Above and Beyond X Factor LLC.,providing services mainly in Speaking Training, Coaching, and Personal Development in Leadership Training.


He has helped his clients who have little or no experience at all speak with confidence to audiences in big stages as well as in local stagesmake an immediate impact with their audience as soon as they begin to implement the connection model he shares with them.

He created the Star Connecting Model to help people who want to make an impact on people’s lives by inspiring them to make changes and turn that passion into a full-time speaking career.